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Experience of Village Flavors

Hanan Hagaban's Visitor Center

The Place

Located in Moshave Herut, in the middle of an Avocado plantation, next to our fromagerie, our visitor center offers spots of serene ambiance, where you can relax and hear the story of our fromagerie, cheese and farm.

The Experience

You are invited to dive into the farm spirit, learn about the cheese making process and the fromagerie craft, and enjoy an abundant meal of our artisanal cheese collection; all cheeses produced in our fromagerie in traditional methods. You will be served a cheeseboard with an assortment of sheep's, goat's and cow's milk cheeses, semi-hard cheeses, white mold cheeses, etc. In addition of a Greek salad with our Tzfat cheese, Tzatziki made of our fabulous Yogurt and a selection of vegetables spreads, olives, fresh sour bread baked on the spot, fresh juice, quality Italian coffee and a dessert.

Hanan Hagaban

Moshav Herut

Upgrade the Experience

A selection of quality Israeli wines and alcoholic drinks (Extra charge).

Fix Price

120 NIS per person

Days Sun-Fri

At 9:00am and 11:30am
Closed on Saturday

Unique Hosting

For groups and individuals

Kosher with a local supervision

Rural Flavors

An abundant cheeseboard and a lavish meal from the farm produce

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Organizations ? Special events can be arranged a specially for groups

Corporate & organizations group visits

We will be delighted to host corporate groups as part of team building days, toast events, customer conferences, etc.

The group will enjoy a tour followed by the abundant meal of our visitor center.
You may upgrade the menu with an addition of personal pastries, personal yogurt bowls or desserts.
You may also choose to surprise your guests with a personal gift from our produce.

The tours take place Sundays through Fridays. For coordination, please call or leave a WhatsApp message on 053-5335444.

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