Cheese Platter for 6-8 diners with designed board

Cheese Platter for 6-8 diners with designed board

399.00 / pcs

A wooden board and a variety of handmade cheeses and quality delicacies for a luxurious celebration of 6-8 people.

The platter includes 7 types of cheeses weighing about 1.4 kg (Saint-Maure, Camembert, Ash-Pyramid, Tomme, salty Tzfat, Gouda with Chili and Gouda with Sage) confiture bowl, olive/butter bowl, decorated with cherry tomatoes, grissini, fruits/nuts, and sage/rosemary/basil/flowers.

Notes: The cheese slices are shipped wrapped and you can arrange them on the board as you see fit.

Cheese types may vary.

Fruits/nuts may vary depending on the season and inventory.

Fruits: grapes/fresh fig/dried apricot/dried cranberries/dried plums

Nuts: cashew/almonds/walnuts

Flowers are not edible.

*Must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.