Gift Basket Jonathan

Gift Basket Jonathan

539.00 / p

A basket for whiskey lovers that contains everything that pair with the classic Scottish drink.

Contains canned tuna fish, grissini, fresh country bread locally baked, spread for cheese pairings, selected olive mix, locally made cheeses: Tom-style Yotam cheese, Gouda-style Herut cheese.

MacAllen Triple Cask 12

Tomme-style Yotam Cheese Wedge

200 g

Grissinim Grisini

Selected Tuna Chunks - Ventrasca Bonito

Canned 110 g ORTIZ



In stock

White Tuna in Olive Oil

Glass jar 220 g ORTIZ 

Gouda-style Sheep's Milk Herut Cheese Wedge


Fresh Sourdough Bread

Freshly baked in the fromagerie * The image is for illustration purposes only


Metal Basket with Red / White Checkered Liner

Measurements: Width 30cm; Length 37cm; Depth 14cm

Selected Olives

250 g 

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