Ariel Gift Basket

Ariel Gift Basket

295.00 / p

‘C’ Blanc du Castel wine – Castel Winery

A selection of handmade cheeses

Basket with white lace lining.

Rectangular Metal Basket with White Lace Liner

‘C’ Blanc du Castel

Domaine du Castel Winery

Tomme-style Yotam Cheese Wedge

200 g

Gouda-style Sheep's Milk Herut Cheese Wedge

Goat's Milk Camembert-style Cheese

Camembert cheese is sold in units - each unit weighs about 360 grams.
Camembert cheese is originally made from cow's milk.
I chose to make our cheese from fresh local goat's milk.
The cheese is initially solid and as it is aged, it ripens and softens for a formation of liquid texture and aromatic smell.
White mould grows on its surface.
Fat percentage ranges from 20% to 24%

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