Abigail Gift Basket

Abigail Gift Basket

A luxurious bountiful gift basket.

The basket contains: Galil mountain white wine, excellent extra virgin oil cold-pressed in an excellent oil mill of an approved manufacturer by the Ministry of Health. Acidity level up to 0.5%.

A selection of handmade cheeses, fresh locally baked rustic bread, grissini, a spread for cheese pairings, homemade delicious, sweet confiture, a basket of white lace lining.

All of these are packaged, decorated and delivered to your loved ones.

Metal Basket with Red / White Checkered Liner

Measurements: Width 30cm; Length 37cm; Depth 14cm

Tomme-style Yotam Cheese Wedge

200 g

Herut Cheese with Sage Wedge

Fresh Sourdough Bread

Freshly baked in the fromagerie * The image is for illustration purposes only

Grissinim Grisini


Yarden Chardonnay 2018

Golan Heights Winery

Goat's Milk Camembert-style Cheese (העתק)

Camembert cheese is sold in units - each unit weighs about 360 grams.
Camembert cheese is originally made from cow's milk.
I chose to make our cheese from fresh local goat's milk.
The cheese is initially solid and as it is aged, it ripens and softens for a formation of liquid texture and aromatic smell.
White mould grows on its surface.
Fat percentage ranges from 20% to 24%

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