Special festive gift basket

Special festive gift basket

305.00 / pcs

Special festive gift basket

selection of 3 different kinds of handmade cheeses,  fresh locally baked rustic bread, two kinds of spreads, a box of olives, and white Galil mountain wine.

Picnic Basket

Gouda-style Sheep's Milk Herut Cheese Wedge

Fresh Sourdough Bread

Freshly baked in the fromagerie * The image is for illustration purposes only

Two types of spreads

The type of product is subject to change depending on the inventory

Product image is for illustrative purposes only.

Selected Olives

250 g 

Galil Mountain White 2020

Galil Mountains Winery

Tomme-style Yotam Cheese Wedge

200 g

Goat's Milk Camembert-style Cheese

Camembert cheese is sold in units - each unit weighs about 360 grams.
Camembert cheese is originally made from cow's milk.
I chose to make our cheese from fresh local goat's milk.
The cheese is initially solid and as it is aged, it ripens and softens for a formation of liquid texture and aromatic smell.
White mould grows on its surface.
Fat percentage ranges from 20% to 24%

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