Thursday's basket – can be shipped only Friday – Sunday excluding Saturday.

Thursday’s basket – can be shipped only Friday – Sunday excluding Saturday.

355.00 / p

Thursday’s basket contains a variety of fresh, ripe cheeses; a basket of goodies from our fromagerie in Moshav Herut:

Fresh mozzarella, basil leaves and sweet cherry tomatoes – everything you need for a fresh, traditional caprese salad, Fresh, sweet strawberry, Hydroponic lettuce picked in the morning, a bunch of fresh parsley and hydroponic basil leaves, locally fresh baked bread, olives, wine, extra virgin oil cold pressed in an excellent oil mill of an approved manufacturer by the Ministry of Health. (Acidity level up to 0.5%), and of course, a selection of local cheeses: fresh sheep yoghurt, cow’s milk Tzfat cheese, goat Camembert cheese, sheep’s milk Herut (Gouda-style cheese) and goat’s milk Yotam (Tom-style cheese).

Everything is packed in our rustic basket on Thursday morning right after the fresh cheese is produced,

shipped directly to your home for a particularly delicious weekend.

Metal Basket with Red / White Checkered Liner

Measurements: Width 30cm; Length 37cm; Depth 14cm

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Tomme-style Yotam Cheese Wedge

200 g

Cow's Milk Tzfat Cheese 8%

Cow's Milk Handmade Mozzarella Balls

Sheep's Milk Yogurt 5% 500 g

Gouda-style Sheep's Milk Herut Cheese Wedge

Fresh Sourdough Bread

Freshly baked in the fromagerie * The image is for illustration purposes only

Selected Olives

250 g 

Sweet Cherry Tomatoes

Yarden Chardonnay

Golan Heights Winery

Goat's Milk Camembert-style Cheese

Camembert cheese is sold in units - each unit weighs about 360 grams.
Camembert cheese is originally made from cow's milk.
I chose to make our cheese from fresh local goat's milk.
The cheese is initially solid and as it is aged, it ripens and softens for a formation of liquid texture and aromatic smell.
White mould grows on its surface.
Fat percentage ranges from 20% to 24%

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