Vegan Gift Basket

Vegan Gift Basket

A classic gift basket especially for vegans.

The basket contains fresh rustic sourdough bread, special confiture, a spread, pure extra virgin olive oil from our orchard, a bouquet of flowers picked right before shipment, fine roasted peppers, sweet cherry tomatoes, a container of selected olives, fresh hydroponic lettuce, a bunch of fresh parsley and hydroponically grown basil.

All of these are packaged in basket with plaid lining and decorated with flowers and herbs.

Metal Basket with Red / White Checkered Liner

Measurements: Width 30cm; Length 37cm; Depth 14cm

Fresh Sourdough Bread

Freshly baked in the fromagerie * The image is for illustration purposes only

Olive Oil 1 Liter Glass Bottle - Barnea Picholine

Quality olive oil straight from the grove in Moshav Herut

Out of stock

Selected Olives

250 g 

Bouquet of Flowers

Galil Mountain White 2020

Galil Mountains Winery

Sweet Cherry Tomatoes


Roasted Peppers with Thyme

Plastic Container

Temporarily unavailable

This product is currently unavailable.
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