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Details regarding the buying process with us:

Our couriers do their best so that you, our customers, will receive the shipment.

Our service includes a quick telephone call to coordinate conveniently with the recipient the day before the shipment, to best transfer of the shipment to its destination.

It is important to note and emphasize that we work under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

** The shipment arrives only to the building entrance. A courier will not use the elevator, or the stairs – the recipient needs to pick up the shipment from the courier.

**If the delivery is scheduled with the shipment’s recipient, and the recipient is not home or unavailable, or would not want to go out to pick up the shipment, then the customer will still pay for the delivery.

Gush Tel Mond

Shipping cost: 10 -25NIS
Shipping days: Sunday to Friday

Buy over 100 Nis and get the shipping for free

  • Moshav Herut
  • Moshav Mishmeret
  • Moshav Kfar Hess
  • Moshav Ein Vered
  • Moshav Ein Sarid
  • Tel Mond
  • Moshav Porat
  • Moshav Kfar Yavetz
  • Moshav Azriel

Kadima Zoran and the surrounding

Shipping cost: 35Nis
Shipping days: Sunday to Friday 

Buy over 100 Nis and get the shipping for free

  • Kadima – Zoran
  • Even Yehuda
  • Moshav Bnei Dror

Shipping zones for Shvout only

Shipping cost: 55Nis
Shipping days: 1+2/6/2022

  •  Moshav Kfar neter
  • Moshav Bet Yehoshua
  • Moshav Geoulim
  • Moshav Tnovout
  • Moshav Tzur Moshe
  • Pardesiya
  • Tel Aviv
  • Herzliya
  • Ramat Ha Sharon
  • Hod HaSharon
  • Kfar Sava
  • Raanana
  •  Moshav Bazra
  • Moshav Beni Zion
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