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An Update about the Course I Took in Italy

Hello dear readers!

I would like to tell you briefly about the course that I took in Italy:

The studies took place at the school of cheese in Piedmont region, in a small town called Murata, south of Torino.

The school is in an ancient, charming building which also serves as a church, surrounded by wheat fields, the snowy Alp mountains are visible from afar -a breathtaking view that gets you directly in the right spirit.

The purpose of the school is to preserve the traditional cheese-making of this area.

The studies were conducted under the direction of Mr. Guido – Master in preparing cheeses and a famous cheese judge in Italy, France and Switzerland.

Every day I underwent both academic and practical training in the art of Italian cheese-making.

In this post I will tell about the production of mozzarella cheese, perhaps the most famous Italian cheese in the world.

An interesting fact that caused the class buzzing is that most of the industrial mozzarella in Italy is made from frozen curds imported from Germany.

The reason for this is the low price of imported milk.

The lesson of mozzarella cheese making was given by a cheese maker named Giorgio.

Giorgio owns a small farm with a small dairy barn where he produces cow’s milk mozzarella in traditional method.

The Italians call this cheese pasta filata – stretched dough.

This is because the curd is stretched at a temperature of 85 degrees with bare hands, it isn’t possible working with gloves because you don’t get the right feeling.

I will not tire you with stories about all the process of preparation and the burns in the hands but …….

Eventually, the mozzarella balls or braids are created, the cheese is transferred to cold water, then slicing an Italian tomato with a few basil leaves, tear a piece from the mozzarella ball, pour over real olive oil …

You’ll taste the real taste soon in my fromagerie!

Buon Appetito


To be Continued…


Yours, Hanan Hagaban




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