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Hello everyone

This morning, a special event was held in my fromagerie for the Dutch king’s day.

Reinhard, my neighbor and assistant, invited distinguished visitors to the fromagerie for tasting and explanations about the Gouda cheese that we are making here in Moshav Herut.

The guests were about 20 Holocaust survivors of Dutch origin, the Dutch ambassador to Israel, the Dutch cultural attaché, and more.

At the event the guests tasted a variety of Gouda cheeses of different ages, two-month-old goat and sheep Gouda, goat Gouda with cumin aged for six-month, six-months’ sheep Gouda with salvia and sheep Gouda cheese aged for eighteen months.

We were honored by Ambassador William cutting the old cheese.

The guests loved the cheeses, which was expressed in the amount of cheese purchased.

The ambassador purchased a considerable amount of cheese too.

As an Israeli Cheese-maker I felt for a moment as someone who sells ice to Eskimos …

I would like to thank Orna Green for taking the pictures, and Reinhard for the explanations and the patience.

have a good day

Hanan the CheeseMaker


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